Article by Turkish journalists about B50 work in Moshchun

In Ukraine, volunteers help residents of half-destroyed villages and towns.

Volunteers in Ukraine actively help communities that suffered during the 9-month war with russia. Volunteers make a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the half-destroyed buildings, as well as clearing debris.

Groups of volunteers actively work in the deoccupied (after russian occupation) territories of the country.
The film crew of "Anadolu" (AA) visited one of the villages near Kyiv.
Despite the frosty weather, residents of the village of Moshchun (Bucha district, Kyiv region) continue to restore their houses with the help of volunteers.
30-year-old Anastasia Baranova told the AA correspondent that she is part of a group of volunteers called B50.
"Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we come to Moshchun, where together with local residents, we clear debris. There are many destroyed buildings in the village," she said.
According to her, work with the participation of volunteers has been ongoing since April of this year. "We will come here as much as people need," she assured.
37-year-old Bohdan Zgursky said that for several months he helped residents of various regions of Ukraine. "We are trying to restore houses that can still be lived in," he said.
The man said that, along with Moshchun, he participated in the restoration of Irpin and Borodyanka. "Since April, we have been working in Moshchun, where 80% of the buildings have been destroyed," said the volunteer.