The program focuses on reconstruction and elimination of the war’s consequences. Volunteers help clear rubble and preserve buildings, implement repair and reconstruction projects.

Clean Up!

It helps families who have been left homeless by the war. Volunteers dismantle and remove the rubble of destroyed private and apartment buildings, public spaces, etc.


They are repairing war-damaged buildings, including private homes and public spaces. Volunteers are reopening schools, kindergartens, libraries, medical facilities, etc.

B50 Growing


Restores the potential of children from the de-occupied and frontline areas. Provides libraries with high-quality educational literature in Ukrainian, donating publications on science, development, history, leaders, money, art, professions, growing up, etc.

B50 Care


Helps to transform gloomy children’s shelters at educational institutions into safe, comfortable and bright spaces. Takes care of the physical and psycho-emotional safety of children during stressful periods.

Fluffy Sunday

Supports animal shelters to minimize the impact of the war on four-legged friends. It organizes humanitarian aid, tail care and modernization of the territory of the animal shelters.

Country of Volunteers

Corporate Volunteering with B50

Involves proactive Ukrainian businesses in the recovery effort by organizing on-site corporate volunteering. Teams of companies help to eliminate the destruction, carry out construction and repair work, etc.

The photo exhibition “Stronger than bricks”

Reflects on the experience of volunteer liquidation of the war’s consequences in the first year of the community’s activity. It introduces the emergence of the recovery volunteer movement in different regions of the country: from Lviv to Dnipro, from Odesa to Poltava.

Interview #B50heroes

Broadcasts the stories, life values and worldview of key members of our community. Through the examples of ordinary Ukrainians’ help, it breaks down stereotypes about volunteers and motivates them to engage in the restoration of de-occupied communities.

The photo exhibition“Chronicles of the Unkown Superheroes Ukrainians”

Traveling media project about ordinary Ukrainians who are lawyers, designers, accountants, and managers for five days a week, trying to live ordinary and fulfilling lives in a world where ballistic missile attacks have become a strange norm, and on weekends they turn into superheroes volunteers.