The photo exhibition “Stronger than bricks”

is a traveling media project about the unbreakable volunteers of the B50 community, which was one of the first to begin to restore de-occupied communities from the consequences of russian aggression in Ukraine

The pictures show volunteers who are helping the affected residents of the Kyiv region. They take the first step towards reconstruction – they clean up houses destroyed by shells, eliminate the consequences of armed aggression, and preserve damaged homes.

The purpose of the exhibition is to inspire viewers with the invincibility of active residents of Kyiv and residents of the metropolitan agglomeration and to motivate them to join “restoration volunteering”.

The project “Stronger than bricks” is launched in Kyiv, on the popular glass pedestrian and bicycle bridge. This place is a symbol of Ukrainian stability, because the bridge did not submit even to an enemy missile. Later, “Stronger” went on a tour of Ukraine.
The photo exhibition is organized by the B50 volunteer community with the support of city administrations.

Photo exhibition schedule

DatesCity in UkrainePlaceSchedule
May 27, 2023 –
June 26, 2023
KYIVGlass pedestrian
and bicycle bridge
over Saint Volodymyr Descent
At a convenient time.
Free entrance.
May 28, 2023 –
June 8, 2023
address: 22a Obolonskyi Prospect
It works from 09:00 to 19:00.
Free entrance.
June 9, 2023 –
June 26, 2023
KYIVVCENTRI HUB (Shevchenkivskyi),
address: 51 b Volodymyrska St.
It works from 09:00 to 19:00.
Free entrance.
June 26, 2023 –
July 5, 2023
KYIVVCENTRI HUB (Holosiivskyi),
address: 83 Velyka Kytaivska St.
It works from 09:00 to 19:00.
Free entrance.
June 30, 2023 –
July 9, 2023
TERNOPILTaras Shevchenko SquareAt a convenient time.
Free entrance.
July 10, 2023 –
July 22, 2023
LVIVIvan Franko Park,
in front of the University
At a convenient time.
Free entrance.
July 10, 2023 –
July 30, 2023
LVIVHnat Khotkevych Palace of Culture,
address: 1 Kushevycha St.
It works from 08:00 to 20:00.
Free entrance.
July 10, 2023 –
August 20, 2023
KREMENCHUKCentral City Children’s Library,
address: 12/16 Soborna St.
At a convenient time.
In the library’s showcase.
July 24, 2023 –
July 31, 2023
VINNYTSIAVinnytsia City Council
address: 59 Soborna St.
According to the work schedule.
Free entrance.
August 1, 2023 –
August 8, 2023
VINNYTSIAMuseum Of Vinnytsia,
address: 15A Symona Petluiry St.
At a convenient time.
Outside the museum.
August 4, 2023 –
August 16, 2023
address: 49 Myru Prospect
At a convenient time.
In the showcase of a mall.
August 10, 2023 –
August 19, 2023
RIVNERivne Regional Museum,
address: 19 Drahomanova St.
At a convenient time.
Outside the museum.
August 21, 2023 –
September 8, 2023
Viewpoint near the Castle
address: Zamkova Street, near the bridge
At a convenient time.
Free entrance.
August 23, 2023 –
September 8, 2023
MUKACHEVOPalace of Culture and Arts
address: 19 Stefana Avhustyna Street
On the ground floor.
Open from 09:00 to 18:00,
except on Sundays.
September 11, 2023 –
September 23, 2023
CHERNIVTSIPopivskyi Square,
Opposite the central building of
Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University
At a convenient time.
Free entrance.
September 25, 2023 –
October 8, 2023
KROPYVNYTSKYITourist Information Center,
address: 91/46 Hohol Street
MON-THURS з 08:00 до 17:00
FRI з 08:00 до 16:00
Free entrance.
October 10, 2023 –
October 21, 2023
KHMELNYTSKYINear the Khmelnytsky
Museum-Studio of Photo Art
address: 56 Proskurivska Street
TRU-FRI з 09:00 до 18:00,
SUT з 09:00 до 17:00
October 22, 2023 –
November 7, 2023
DNIPROCreative space Будинок на Троїцький
(House on Troitska Square),
address: 5А Troitska Square
At a convenient time.
Outside the building.
November 22, 2023 –
December 22, 2023
KHARKIVCentral library of Nemyshlianskyi district,
address: 19\1 Yuriev Boulevard
Open from 10:00 to 17:00,
except for Tuesday.
December 1, 2023 –
February 28, 2024
address: 5 Shpytalna Street
At a convenient time.
Outside the building.

Photos from the exhibition

Photos are presented in different locations of the exhibition.

Project team

Ruslan Habdulov

Artem Rudokvas, Iryna Rehesha, Oleh Panasiuk, Nataliia Hryniuk, Ihor Strembitskyi, Ivan Yershov

Photo retouching
Denys Herasymov

Svitlana Rudokvas, Anastasiia Lypchak

Nataliia Hryniuk

Signature style
Anastasiia Prokofieva

volunteer community B50


Kyiv City State Administration

Department of Public Communications of the Kyiv City State Administration


Municipal entity for repairs and maintenance of bridges and roads in Kyiv “Kyivavtoshlyakhmist”

Ternopil City Council

Lviv is open to the world

Lviv City Council

Hnat Khotkevych Palace of Culture

Vinnytsia City Council

Vinnytsia Museum

Kremenchuk City Council

Chernihiv City Council


Rivne City Council

Rivne Regional Museum

Palace of Culture and Arts, Mukachevo

Kamianets-Podilskyi City Council

Chernivtsi City Council

Kropyvnytskyi City Council

Kropyvnytskyi Tourist Information Center

Khmelnytskui City Council

Будинок на Троїцький
(House on Troitska Square)

Potocki Palace