B50 Care

The mission of the program is to minimize the impact of the war in the de-occupied communities and in the territories that have experienced the consequences of hostilities.

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As soon as we started helping with the debris removal and reconstruction, we immediately received many requests from people for other needs. Our volunteers could not stand aside. At first, these were one-time initiatives: some people bought food, others donated used furniture or clothes.

Later, we began to implement projects in collaborations, for example, we organized the transfer of drinking water to the village of Moshchun (which was necessary due to the state of the environment and infrastructure in the village in the first days, weeks, and months after the liberation). Over time, this grew to such a scale that a separate program was formed.

As part of the B50 Care program we:

  • organized fundraising, bought and delivered modular houses for the residents of Moshchun;
  • helped and continue to help with the restoration of the Best Friends animal shelter for cats and dogs in the village of Fasova, Kyiv region, which was damaged by shelling;
  • brought drinking water, food, clothes and other humanitarian supplies to the village of Moshchun in Kyiv region and other localities.


Fortunately, some of the areas of work have ceased to be relevant. Others remain part of our daily activities.

In particular, our volunteers take care of animals by helping shelters, including those affected by the invasion, to recover. We also take care of the inhabitants of the shelters by delivering necessary supplies and food, walking and playing with the animals, which is important for their mental state and happiness.

Another team of volunteers takes care of the children’s safety and comfort. We set up comfortable and bright shelters in educational institutions so that young Ukrainians can spend time, study and play in safety and comfort during the numerous air raids.


The following projects are part of the B50 Care program:

  • Shelters Project: the project team transforms children’s shelters in educational institutions from the de-occupied territories.
  • Fluffy Sunday Project : our volunteers take care of animals and help shelters.

How to join?

If you have any ideas for projects for the B50 Care program, please contact us on Telegram.

For information on how to join the volunteer trips of the Fluffy Sunday and Shelters projects, please visit the Join page.