Corporate Volunteering with B50

The B50 community will organize team volunteering for employees of departments/companies/organizations to engage businesses and society in rebuilding Ukraine.

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Directions of assistance

In collaboration with the B50 Volunteer Community, you can organize corporate volunteering in the following directions:

  • cleaning up the destruction in the Kyiv region – for a team of 10+ people (Clean Up! project);
  • reconstruction of damaged buildings – public spaces or private homes – for a team of 5-10 people (Reconstruction project);
  • decorating children’s shelters in educational institutions – for teams of up to 10 people (Shelters project);
  • support for animal shelters (repair work, communication with fluffy friends, etc.) – for teams of 10+ people (Fluffy Sunday project);
  • team fundraising to purchase educational children’s literature or books to be donated to libraries (P.AGE project).


Your team is on its own:

  • chooses the direction of volunteering;
  • forms a team of volunteers among colleagues;
  • coordinates related internal activities;
  • organizes transportation to the place of assistance, meals for the team (if necessary);
  • assists in signing cooperation documents (if necessary).

For its part, B50 guarantees:

  • selection of locations/institutions where assistance is particularly needed (history, requests, photos/videos);
  • necessary equipment, protective equipment and construction materials in sufficient quantities;
  • safety briefing for volunteers;
  • coordinating corporate volunteers at the location for the best possible result;
  • assistance in organizing transportation to the work location (if necessary);
  • preparation of necessary documentation package (if necessary).

As a result, your team will realize an important social mission while building empathy, training soft skills, and strengthening horizontal communication. You will gain experience in effective group interaction and creative team building, and your employees will be proud to work in such a caring community, which will have a positive impact on the attitude to work and the reputation of the company/organization as a whole.


Case #1 employees of the Ukrainian office of Glovo, 27 volunteers

Location and tasks: volunteering to clean up destroyed houses in the village of Moshchun, Kyiv region (Clean Up! project).

Feedback from Oleksii, team leader: “Thank you so much for organizing this! And also for what you do as a team – it’s incredible. Everything was great. We will be very happy to help. The team was very grateful for the useful safety briefing.”

Case #2 – employees of Adler Ukraine, 6 volunteers

Location and tasks: volunteering to repair a children’s bomb shelter in Vorzel, Kyiv region, in the building of primary school No. 10 (Shelters project).

Feedback from Serhii Inak, the company’s marketing manager: “The charitable activities of our company, which imports paints and varnishes, were generally aimed at financial support of large foundations. But we realized that over time, the team’s interest began to fade, because people were not personally involved. We started looking for ways to bring value to society. We stumbled upon B50 on Facebook, saw a cool initiative to help clear the rubble of houses, found past projects with painting children’s bomb shelters, and we really liked it. Our tasks in the shelter were to make an extractor hood, brick up holes in the walls, and paint the walls and ceiling. This is our first project, we have never done anything like this in our lives: I am a marketer, and there are managers, technologists, and salespeople. This is something new for us and we really like it – to benefit society with our own hands!”

Case #3 employees of the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Kyiv, 6 volunteers

Location and tasks: volunteering to clean up destroyed houses in the village of Moshchun, Kyiv region (Clean Up! project).

Comment from Kaimo Kuusk, Ambassador of Estonia to Ukraine: “We decided to join the volunteers on World Cleanup Day because it is an initiative that was launched in Estonia a few years ago. Our team decided that on this day we should clean up where it is needed most and help Ukrainians. I have noticed how Ukrainians feel more and more like owners of their land every year. If your world ends after your fence and you don’t care about what’s happening outside your yard, then the country will not be able to develop. A free democratic state is not a piece of land owned by individuals, but a common cause of all citizens.”

Case #4 team of Melexis-Ukraine office

Location and tasks: volunteering to collect educational children’s books for the Ivankiv Public Library in Kyiv Oblast (P.AGE project).

Feedback from Liliia Zinovatna, Administrative Communications Assistant at the company: “Our company is engaged in the development and production of electronic chips for the automotive industry, so the main focus when choosing social projects is educational and STEM-oriented initiatives. I really liked the idea of the P.AGE project, because children are our future and they need to be given everything they need to develop. Many libraries and educational institutions have suffered in Ukraine, but many new and very useful books are now available for sale, so it’s time to restore and diversify them with useful and modern literature. The Ivankiv library was chosen because the village was under occupation. The roof of the building was damaged and the books were hit by bullets. But it was impressive to see that despite this, the library continues to develop, hold various educational events and support Ukrainians!

We invited our colleagues to choose any of the books on the list, buy them and bring them to the office on their own. We also opened a Monobank account so that those who wanted to could simply donate. The response from colleagues was overwhelming: half of the books were bought by employees, and half by the company. All Ukrainians understand how important it is to read the right books, to be educated, to be strong and independent, to control your own destiny! That’s why knowledge is the best treasure we can give our children, especially now.”

Case #5 the team of the IT company Quarks, 18 volunteers

Location and tasks: volunteering to clean up destroyed houses in the village of Moshchun, Kyiv region (Clean Up! project).

Feedback from Maryna, administrative lead of the team: “We thank B50 for organizing and participating. The team is very happy! I passed your contacts on to my colleagues, after our debris clearance, many of them asked and wanted to go as well.”

How to organize?

B50 will be happy to support your team’s initiative to volunteer for recovery in any of our projects.

To do this, leave a message in Тelegram or on our website, or contact us at +38 050 654 32 30.