Fluffy Sunday Project

This is regular volunteer assistance to animals and animal shelters – physical (cleaning and repair work), humanitarian (collecting and transferring necessary items), and emotional (walking, care, communication).

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About the project

Every first Sunday of the month, we gather to take care of animals and get a positive energy boost for the next four weeks, so we combine volunteering and pet therapy (free of charge).

The mission of volunteers in shelters is to minimize the impact of war and its consequences on animals. After all, Fluffy Sunday is part of the B50 Care Program.


It all started with caring for animals during devastation clean-up trips: B50 volunteers fed local (often homeless) cats and dogs and played with them. Little by little, volunteers rallied around this effort.

In the fall of 2022, we began to help animal shelters on a point-by-point basis. In particular, we participated in the repair of the premises, organized the collection of pet food, and other necessary things.

The transformation of such assistance into a separate initiative began with cooperation with the Best Friends shelter (Fasova village, Kyiv region). This shelter has been rescuing cats, dogs, horses, and foxes since 2014, and suffered from carpet bombing in the first months of the full-scale invasion. At present, many pets evacuated from the Kherson region have found shelter here.

Best Friends invited B50 volunteers to help create more comfortable conditions for the animals—to dismantle the old bombed-out cages for the equipment of new spacious enclosures, with heat and light, and a special place for medical procedures.

Over time, the pool of shelters assisted by B50 volunteers expanded, and trips to support the fluffies became regular.


Now, the activists of Fluffy Sunday volunteer in:

  • Best Friends shelter, Fasova village, Kyiv region (dismantling old cages, walking dogs, delivery of necessary things—food, beds, cleaning products, etc);
  • rehoming hub Ukraine animal rescue, Kyiv (repair and painting works);
  • “Dvorniashkam Dom” shelter, Kyiv (dog walking, delivery of necessary things for animals—food, hygiene products, beds, etc.)

We also plan to help other shelters in need. If your shelter needs help, please send a message on Telegram.

How to join?

The trips to help animal shelters take place every first Sunday of the month.

To sign up to volunteer for Fluffy Sunday, follow the announcements on our official website, Telegram channel, and social media pages.