B50 Growing

Program increases the capacities of communities affected by the russian invasion

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While helping with the technical restoration of the destruction in the areas affected by the russian invasion, we talked to people, observed life in the affected communities, and analyzed and drew conclusions.

One of them was the realization that the affected communities needed not only physical reconstruction but also the restoration of their mental resources, the growth of human potential, and its realization.

Obviously, one of the key areas of our efforts was to help children in their personal development.


The big mission of the B50 Growing program is to increase the capacity of communities affected by the russian invasion. This will help them overcome post-war challenges more effectively, recover faster, and reach a new level of development.

B50 supports quality transformations at several levels, promoting developm

  1. volunteers and activists who are interested in the topic and want to be involved in the restoration of Ukraine;
  2. residents and leadership of de-occupied communities who feel the need to implement new approaches to respond to the situation;
  3. children of war living in the liberated territories.


As part of the B50 Growing program, we organize training sessions, both in Kyiv and on-site in communities.

A separate large project within the Program is the P.AGE, whose mission is to provide children in different parts of Ukraine, especially in the territories affected by the russian invasion, with tools for development, finding themselves and their place in the future of Ukraine.

How to join?

If you would like to donate Ukrainian-language children’s books, want to financially support the project, or have ideas and suggestions, contact the P.AGE project team.