We are looking for bomb shelters in schools and kindergartens that need transformation / renewal!

Good news for educational institutions, their employees and visitors!

Volunteer’s Community B50 is looking for new premises to continue helping with the arrangement of shelters for children! We are ready to help with decorating bomb shelters in kindergartens and schools in Kyiv, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions.

If the shelter in your kindergarten or school is gloomy and frightens children with its grayness, we will help turn it into a bright space – with cozy rest areas and colorful pictures on the walls.

Our volunteers can:

  • carry out preparatory and repair work;
  • paint and decorate the premises;
  • equip lighting, ventilation;
  • to decorate and create a comfortable atmosphere for children.

To apply, a representative of the institution’s staff or the parent community should fill out the form – https://forms.gle/ZyvQGcRWuyid9GAL7 

During the selection of facilities for help, priority will be given to educational institutions from the de-occupied territories of Ukraine and those whose buildings were partially damaged as a result of the war.

Volunteer’s Community B50 has not only the desire to help children, but also the experience of decorating a shelter in an educational institution. For example, the “Kozachok” pilot project was recently completed: for a month, B50 activists worked on the transformation of a gray gloomy room into a bright, safe space for pupils of the largest kindergarten in Bucha. The employees of the kindergarten, its visitors and their parents, as well as the B50 volunteers themselves, were happy with the result of their painstaking work.

Bomb shelter “Kozachok” before
Bomb shelter “Kozachok” before
Bomb shelter “Kozachok” after
Bomb shelter “Kozachok” after