June 2022: B50 arrives in Moshchun village

In June, B50 volunteers continued to actively help with the arrangement of life in the de-occupied territories, so that homes affected by the war would become more comfortable for Ukrainians.

This month we first came to the village of Moshchun, Bucha district. This small picturesque village at the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine became one of the outposts that helped our defenders win the battle for Kyiv.

The Ukrainian military completely liberated Moshchun on March 21, and the village began its difficult recovery process, which was joined by B50 volunteers.

We concentrated our main forces on Moshchun, because the local scale of destruction (of buildings and human lives) is enormous.

We started with the transfer of important aid to the Moshchun humanitarian headquarters: films for temporary window coverings, drinking water and fresh products for daily use (bread, milk, etc.) for the locals.

We cleared the debris, took out garbage, covered windows with film, repaired fences, looked for creative solutions (for example, made a fence out of the destroyed roof).

Since then, we have been supporting Moshchun as much as we can — both with products and physical work. We also continued the production of trench candles.

In total, in June 2022, 128 B50 volunteers made 10 working trips to the de-occupied territories and once again realized that everyone works for victory wherever they are!

A symbol of indomitability, Moshchun
Moshchun (delivery of drinking water)
Moshchun (delivery of drinking water)
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