April 2022: beginning

In early April, B50 volunteers took their first steps on the long journey of rebuilding the country – they joined the street cleaning in Irpin. It turned out to be a difficult task, because there were many who wanted to, but we managed)))

This was followed by other settlements of the Kyiv region that suffered from russian aggression: Bucha, Vorzel, Hostomel, Borodianka. What we saw was impressive, frightening and inspiring at the same time. We understood that people, the country needed us, that we needed each other. So at that time we got to know each other, established communication, resolved organizational issues, distributed responsibilities, bought the first shovels, rakes, buckets, other tools, stood in traffic jams (stood for a long time))), found out what ammunition looks like, and learned not to touch it.

We removed garbage from the streets, dismantled the rubble of houses, outbuildings and emergency walls, and participated in the installation of temporary houses. We also delivered clean drinking water and humanitarian aid to residents of the de-occupied territories.

In April, B50 volunteers managed to help not only the civilians, but also the Armed Forces of Ukraine by digging trenches on the outskirts of Kyiv. They did it under the close supervision of the military. It was not easy, but we managed – the military said that for civilians we did well))

In total, in April 2022, 130 B50 volunteers made 8 trips to places where they were most needed. Then we realized that with such a team we can do a lot!