Report from Suspilne Rivne about “Stronger than bricks”

The outdoor photo exhibition “Stronger than bricks” was presented in Rivne. It was placed in the courtyard of the Regional Museum. The photographs tell the story of the B50 Community volunteers who were among the first to eliminate the consequences of russian aggression in Kyiv region. The exhibition will run for ten days.

Video report with English subtitles.

These works are created by volunteers who have been helping the affected residents of Irpin, Moshchun, Borodianka, Makariv and other settlements in Kyiv region for over a year.

“These are young people who helped at the initial stages and restored the destroyed buildings. They want their work to be known. Such communities were organized all over Ukraine. That’s why they organized this traveling exhibition. Today it has arrived in our city and for ten days, visitors will be able to see it at the Rivne Regional Museum,” said museum director Oleksandr Bulyha.

Director of the Rivne Regional Museum Oleksandr Bulyha.
Photo: Suspilne Rivne
Photo: Suspilne Rivne

The exhibition of photographs was placed in the open air.

“It’s cool that it’s like this. You don’t have to go somewhere, enter somewhere, but walk by and look at this exhibition. The exhibition is a little bit touching, because you see ordinary people like us, like you and me, picking up shovels, picking up these sticks and clearing away this rubble, rebuilding our country. It’s awesome! On the other hand, why it’s cool is because war, no matter how strange it may seem to us, encourages art. And an exhibition is still art. Although it is on such a subject, a difficult subject.”, — said Tetiana Bobrikova, a resident of Rivne.

Tetiana Borikova, a visitor to the exhibition from Rivne. Photo: Suspilne Rivne
Photo: Suspilne Rivne

A visitor to the exhibition, Fedir Dembitskyi, says that the scale of the destruction captured in the photographs is striking.

“It’s nice to see, but at the same time it’s a little bit heartbreaking, as they say. Volunteers, how they work. You can write them directly into history, they are people with a big letter – Volunteers. They were the first to leave. Many of them gave their lives so that we could stand here and smile…”.

Visitor to the exhibition Fedir Dembitskyi. Photo: Suspilne Rivne
Suspilne Rivne

Volunteer Oleksandr Hrebeniuk, who received the Presidential Golden Heart award last year, says that a dozen of his fellow volunteers from Rivne were also among the first to go to restore Kyiv region.

“It is obvious that where there are more losses, there will be a large number of volunteers and concerned Ukrainians who will help restore what has been destroyed. First of all, we must all remember that the war is on. The price we are paying is too high.”, — he added.

Volunteer Oleksandr Hrebeniuk. Photo: Suspilne Rivne