Podillya NEWS article about “Stronger than bricks” in Khmelnytskyi

Traveling photo project “Stronger than bricks” presented in Khmelnytskyi

The outdoor exhibition is available to residents and guests of Khmelnytskyi in front of the entrance to the Khmelnytskyi Museum of Photography Studio, the cultural institution that hosted the outdoor project. The street exhibition will last until October 21.

The ideologist of the project “Stronger than Bricks” is the volunteer organization B50. This community has been helping to restore the liberated Ukrainian territories for over a year. The content of the photographs represents volunteerism in rebuilding the country in sensitive moments.

“The B50 volunteers are making the first step towards reconstruction – cleaning up the houses destroyed by shells, eliminating the consequences of armed aggression, and preserving damaged homes,” says Ruslan Habdulov, head of the public organization.

According to the organizers of the social and artistic project, these photographs and their subjects are intended to motivate the viewer to join the ” recovery volunteering”.

The photos on the stands tell the story of the volunteer work of Ukrainians who lend a helping hand to the affected residents of Irpin, Moshchun, Borodianka, Makariv and other settlements in the Kyiv region.

“This project reminds us of the strength of the Ukrainian character and our unique ability to come together in difficult circumstances. Back in the spring, the museum administration announced their participation in this exhibition. It is a very honorable mission to highlight the beauty of unity of efforts and hearts in the name of victory!” said Vitalii Savin, the museum’s director.

Portraits of construction workers, a still life from a former holiday set, a chick in the hands of a reconstruction worker are moments that convince us of the indomitable Ukrainian spirit.

“Everything rests on the shoulders of volunteers,” reads the caption to the photo, in which the photographer captured moments of friendly support at the construction site. It is worth noting that such text messages reinforce the content of the photos.

You can see the photo project at 56 Proskurivska Street.

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