It’s another Fluffy Sunday at B50

Every first Sunday of the month, we gather to take care of animals (help in shelters in Kyiv and the region) and get a positive charge for the next four weeks. At B50, it’s called Fluffy Sunday.

It all started with taking care of the animals’ tails during the cleanup trips: B50 activists fed local (often stray) cats and dogs and played with them. In the fall of 2022, they began to help animal shelters on a targeted basis. In particular, they participated in the repair of premises, organized the collection of food and necessary items.

The gradual formalization of such assistance into a separate full-fledged initiative began with cooperation with the Best Friends shelter (Fasova village, Kyiv region). The shelter has been rescuing cats, dogs, horses, and foxes since 2014, suffered from carpet bombing in the first months of the full-scale invasion, and in the summer of 2023 provided shelter for animals evacuated from the Kherson region. The Best Friends staff invited B50 volunteers to help create more comfortable conditions for the animals – to dismantle old bombed-out cages to set up new spacious enclosures with heat and light, with a special place for medical procedures. The first trips of the volunteers to this shelter are described in the story by Inter.

A year has passed, and we have been regularly helping menageries in Kyiv and the region. For instance, in the Best Friends, we have dismantled all the damaged enclosures and started preparing the shelter for the winter, namely, last Sunday we turned the dismantled boards into firewood. Thus, we killed two birds with one stone: we provided the animals with warmth for the winter and cleared the territory of “wooden rubble”. We also brought humanitarian aid and communicated with the animals.

УOn the next trip, on December 3, we will continue to create future warmth for furry animals. Join us, animals always need our attention and support!