In the new year – a new shelter for children!

B50 volunteers started a new project to decorate the bomb shelter. Moreover, from January 2023, the transformation of children’s shelters is a new area of B50 activity!

Now we are helping to add color to the bomb shelter of school I-III degrees No. 147 (Kyiv). Employees of the educational institution have already basically equipped the shelter with their own efforts: they cleared the space, painted the walls, conducted heat, installed bio-toilets. And the B50 community was asked to decorate the premises.

Our volunteers happily responded to this request and are now working on making the safe space even brighter and more interesting. The task is not an easy one, because both first-graders and future graduates will be in the school shelter. So the creative concept of the new facility must take into account their needs.

Another challenge for the B50 is to decorate the shelter, taking into account the blackouts schedules. But our creative bees have a considerable supply of lanterns, so we hope to present the result in a few weeks.

Photos of the shelter before the decoration and after are shown below.