The construction of the B50 warehouse has been completed!

It happened – B50 finished building their own warehouse in Moshchun! We have created a separate place to store volunteer equipment and tools.

The area of the warehouse is 60 sq. meters. There are two separate entrances for two “owners”. One part of the premises belongs to our community (there will be wheelbarrows / rakes / buckets / everything else), the other remains for the needs of the owner, on whose site the warehouse is built.

B50 activists and their friends joined the construction. The decoration of the warehouse was done by volunteers from the “B50 Shelters” direction.

There’s still some interior work to be done, but that didn’t stop the friendly B50 team from getting together to raise the flags over their first property in Moshchun and celebrate the occasion with a picnic. The celebration was attended by B50 activists, who directly erected the warehouse, collected donations for construction, as well as all willing members of the community)))