The season of corporate volunteering with B50 is open!

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, volunteering, including corporate volunteering, has become increasingly popular in Ukraine. More and more compassionate people and work teams are joining socially useful projects on a voluntary basis.

Corporate volunteering has many benefits, because it is:

  • improves empathy and emotional intelligence and trains almost all basic soft skills;
  • boosts self-confidence and gives you a reason to be proud of yourself and your work;
  • expands your list of contacts, trains communication and teamwork skills, and helps bring you closer to your colleagues outside the office;
  • instills pride in belonging to the company, allows you to better understand working on equal terms, and demonstrates your professional and personal qualities.

B50 keeps up with the times and helps organize corporate volunteering in various areas (removing the consequences of the russian invasion, decorating shelters in educational institutions, caring for animals, etc.).

To organize corporate volunteering with B50, please complete an application on the website or call: +38 050 654 32 30.

Our community will:

  • select locations where help is most needed;
  • assist in organizing transport to the site if necessary;
  • provide the necessary equipment and protective clothing;
  • coordinate corporate volunteers on site to ensure the best possible outcome.

For example, employees from Glovo Ukrainian office have already joined the B50 volunteering program. Let us tell you a little bit about it:

  • We came to the aid of 65-year-old Liubov Yevhenivna, who lives on Vyshneva Street in Moschun. Her son now defends our country. The house was almost destroyed (to the very foundation); the volunteers demolished the remaining walls, cut pipes, loaded bricks into buckets, and carried them out.
  • There were 27 young active people from Glovo.
  • Both guys and girls volunteered together.
  • Work included our “signature conveyor belt” (handing buckets with bricks to each other).
  • The owner of the house fed the activists with pilaf cooked on the fire.

Thus, Glovo volunteers spent a great and useful day in Moschun – helping locals, exercising and sunbathing, talking, and receiving positive emotions. Join us – you won’t regret it!