B50 on Kyiv FM radio station!

Recently, Ruslan Habdulov, director of the B50 NGO, was invited to appear on Kyiv FM, the only radio station in Kyiv that systematically reports on all the events in the capital.

Ruslan took part in the program “Third Sector,” dedicated to the influence of civil society on the development of Ukraine. The guests of the program are public figures, representatives of various public groups and sectors, and city authorities.

During the broadcast, they talked about B50, the history of the community, its development and current projects, the restoration of peaceful life after the invasion, uniting residents of Kyiv and the surrounding area to help war victims, and promoting recovery volunteering.

Інтерв’ю можна було почути у прямому ефірі радіостанції Київ FM 7 лютого. Переглянути відеоверсію інтерв’ю можна на каналі радіостанції або на нашому Youtube-каналі в списку “ЗМІ про Б50”.