Meet “Chronicles of the Unknown Superheroes/Ukrainians” in Copenhagen!

The European tour of the B50 international photo exhibition continues, and Copenhagen has become the third European city to host “Chronicles of the Unknown Superheroes Ukrainians” right now (along with Hamburg and Budapest!).

Residents and guests of the Danish capital can now see with their own eyes the scale and devastating consequences of the russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as feel the strength and resilience of our volunteers, who, despite the ongoing war, are trying to establish a peaceful life in the Kyiv region and help each other in this difficult time.

“Chronicles of the Unknown Superheroes Ukrainians” will be shown in Copenhagen at the Nørrebrohallen in the Nørrebro district.

Nørrebrohallen is a sports and cultural center that used to be a tram depot, but has now been renovated and is now managed by the municipality of Copenhagen. The main activity of the institution is sports, but the center also has a library, café, conference halls, coworking spaces, and, most importantly, it hosts exhibitions and various cultural events.

At this location, the exhibition photos are available for viewing on the Art Wall at: Nørrebrohallen, Nørrebrogade 208, from March 1 to March 31 at the following times:

  • MON – THU: 06:45 – 23:15;
  • FRI: 06:45 – 21:15;
  • SAT – SUN: 08:45 – 21:15.

For more information about the exhibition in Danish, visit

We invite all residents and guests of the city to visit «Chronicles of the Unknown Superheroes Ukrainians»!