A story by the German ZDF channel about volunteers from the Clean Up! project

Clean Up! is the first full-fledged project of the B50 community, which actually began the history of our activities. After the liberation of the occupied territories of the Kyiv region, we went to Irpin, Bucha, and Borodianka. On May 29, 2022, we got to Moshchun and, seeing the scale of the destruction, stayed here for a long time. We immediately started delivering important aid to the village’s humanitarian headquarters, then began dismantling the destroyed buildings, clearing the rubble, preserving and repairing buildings where possible. Two years have passed, and we at B50 continue to help Moshchun, bringing the village’s reconstruction and restoration closer.

During this time, B50 activists have become the heroes of many media stories. For example, at the end of March this year, journalists from Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (German Television’s Second Channel) spent a day with B50 volunteers in Moshchun. They had the opportunity to see the work of our activists, talk to them, and celebrate the birthday of one of our volunteers (birthday parties “in the rubble” are a kind of tradition in our community).

ZDF is a German public broadcaster founded in Mainz in 1963. It was established by all German federal states. ZDF is financed by public broadcasting fees and advertising. ZDF is known, among other things, for its heute program, which featured the story about the B50 volunteers from the Clean Up!

The ZDF video is shown below. It is also available on our YouTube channel with Ukrainian and English subtitles. We thank Svitlana Balahula for the translation from German.

Source: www.zdf.de