September 2022: winter is coming

The onset of autumn and the rapid approach of winter this month were felt by everyone – both the residents of the Kiev region and the B50 volunteers. The former increasingly asked for help, the latter more actively provided it. Despite the cold, wind, rain and the beginning of the school year, B50 activists continued to work to overcome the consequences of fighting in the Kyiv region.

So, in September we visited Moshchun, Horenka, Bucha, Irpin: we cleared the debris, repaired roofs, fences, covered windows with foil, installed doors, cleared places for modular houses and, in fact, installed them. They also helped residents of the Kyiv region with building materials for the restoration of rural houses (in particular, they delivered slate, wooden doors and plumbing to Moshchun).

On September 17, representatives of the Estonian Embassy in Kyiv joined the B50 activists. Indeed, on that day, volunteer cleaning coincided with World Cleanup Day, which is held annually on the third Saturday of September, starting from September 15, 2018. We are deeply grateful to Estonia both for its help and for its position relating to russian aggression. In difficult times, true friends appear on whose shoulders you can lean on.

In September, B50 volunteers started a bomb shelter project in a kindergarten in Bucha (read more about it here). Now the project is close to the finish line, very soon 400 children will be able to return to the kindergarten, and their parents will exhale with relief)))

They also helped with the painting of the sports ground. The task was simple, but important, because this is a sports ground for the military, who are undergoing rehabilitation in one of the city’s medical facilities. For some, it’s just paint and brushes, but for our community, it’s a way to thank the warriors for their protection and help organize a more comfortable recovery for them.

In September, B50 activists took part in the cleaning of the Avangard sports complex, damaged by a russian missile back in March.

In the last days of the month, B50 volunteers managed to help the Ukraine Animal Rescue Center in Kyiv prepare the walls for painting and joined the transshipment of humanitarian aid to partner charitable foundations Darnychany and Ukrainian code.

And finally, one more good (perhaps the best) news for September from B50: Moshchun resident Olena, whose home was destroyed by the rashists, now has a modular house, small, but warm and cozy))) This became possible thanks to our active volunteer Anastasiia, who met with the hostess during cleaning and was touched with her story. The idea was supported by other B50 activists – Yuliia and Yanina, and the guys from B50 helped to install the house. From the first idea to handing over the keys, it took quite a bit of time (about 3 weeks), and now one more person will be wintering in his house.

In September 2022, 232 B50 activists had 12 trips to help, looked for new areas of activity (we will talk about it later))), got wet in the autumn rain, but did not lose inspiration and energy to work further.