Corporate volunteering in the P.AGE project!

Corporate volunteering with B50 is not only about dismantling ruins and repairing children’s bomb shelters, but also about direct participation in other interesting projects of our community!

For example, Melexis-Ukraine has recently joined the P.AGE, a project within which B50 provides school and public libraries with modern Ukrainian-language books that stimulate personal development, help to make learning more interesting, and help to choose a future profession.

Melexis-Ukraine operates in the high-tech sector and creates analog and digital integrated circuits, ranking fifth in the world among manufacturers of automotive chips and sensors.

The company’s employees learned about B50 last year. Liliia Pohorila, director of the company’s Ukrainian division, participated in the relief efforts in Moshchun. She also initiated corporate volunteering with B50 in the P.AGE.

Melexis-Ukraine decided to join the P.AGE because our project is dedicated to fostering talent. The books we are sending include books on math, programming, engineering,

Liliia Zinovatna, Administrative Assistant for Communications at Melexis-Ukraine, tells us about the company and its participation in the P.AGE:

The Kyiv office develops and constantly engages young talents from among pupils and students. Therefore, the main focus when choosing social projects is educational and STEM initiatives.

I really liked the idea of the P.AGE, because children are our future and we need to give them everything they need to develop.

Many Ukrainian libraries and educational institutions have been affected by the war, so it’s time to fill them with useful modern literature.

All Ukrainians understand how important it is to read the right books, to be educated, strong and independent in order to control their own destiny. That is why knowledge is the best treasure we can give our children today.

Thank you B50 for your great ideas and initiatives. It is very easy and pleasant to work with you!

Melexis-Ukraine’s corporate volunteering at the P.AGE lasted 2 weeks. B50 gave the company our list of developmental literature. Employees chose books from the list, bought them and brought them to the office. At the same time, they opened a Monobank account so that people could simply donate to purchase literature.

According to Olha Prykhodko, HR specialist at Melexis-Ukraine, corporate volunteering has got employees excited

This collective activity involved the entire team. Everyone was worried about the result and came to look through the books. Employees noted that the books from the B50 development kit are very high quality and interesting. Many of them used your list of books as ideas for useful gifts for their children for the holidays.

The set of books was handed over to the Ivankiv Public Library. The library was chosen by Melexis-Ukraine employees themselves, as they wanted to support an institution from their region and replenish the library’s collection that suffered from the occupation.

The village of Ivankiv was one of the first to be occupied by the enemy. There was everything that russians love so much: shelling, occupation, killing of civilians, looting, burning of the historical and local history museum, which housed a collection of paintings by Mariia Prymachenko.

The Ivankiv library also experienced the horrors of the war: the roof of the building was damaged, and many books in the storage were “caught” by bullets. Nevertheless, the institution continues to develop, hold various educational events and support Ukrainians.

When the Melexis-Ukraine team finished collecting the books, B50 volunteers formed a set of them and sent them to Ivankiv. Our reliable partner Nova Poshta was responsible for the shipment. Librarians have already received the books, and children can come to read.

Nataliia Luhynia, director of the Ivankiv Public Library, shares her impressions of the books she received and of the P.AGE project as a whole:

We decided to participate in the P.AGEbecause after the occupation, the community libraries are in dire need of new modern literature. To popularize reading among children and develop the library collection, we cooperate with lyceums and charitable foundations and hold various events.” Among the books donated by B50 and Melexis-Ukraine, the staff especially noted the books Travelbook. Independent, Big Ideas for Young Thinkers, and Kay’s Anatomy.

Finally, we would like to thank Melexis-Ukraine for participating in the P.AGE! We also hope that other Ukrainian and foreign companies will follow their example and join the B50 corporate volunteering. By the way, we have several areas of corporate assistance, namely:

  • cleaning up the destruction in the Kyiv region;
  • reconstruction of damaged buildings;
  • decorating children’s bomb shelters in educational institutions;
  • support for animal shelters;
  • team fundraising to purchase educational children’s literature or directly books to be donated to libraries.

All types of corporate volunteering with B50 are interesting and necessary, so don’t hesitate to join us!