The international photo exhibition from B50 – Chronicles of the Unknown Ukrainians has started!

Yes, you read that right: B50 community is organizing another photo exhibition, this time it will be international!

Chronicles of the Unknown Ukrainians is a traveling media project about ordinary Ukrainians who work five days a week as lawyers, designers, accountants, and managers, trying to live an ordinary life in a world where ballistic missile attacks have become a strange norm, and on weekends turn into superheroes volunteers.

The aim of the exhibition is to popularize the volunteer movement in Ukraine and abroad, to inspire people by example and demonstrate how we can and should help each other in difficult times. We also want to show the scale and devastating consequences of the russian invasion of Ukraine that we are dealing with. Our photo exhibition is a chronicle of volunteering, a look at the life of the B50 community.

The photo narrative consists of a series of posters that sequentially reveal the story of one day of B50 volunteers.

The first stop of the exhibition is Tbilisi. Photos from Chronicles of the Unknown Ukrainians were presented at the opening of the Ukrainian House on September 13. We would like to thank the Georgian-Ukrainian Platform for its support in organizing the photo exhibition.