The Kolosochok kindergarten shelter becomes colorful and cozy

B50 volunteers continue to paint the children’s shelter at the Kolosochok kindergarten in Borodianka. Pastel mountains are gradually appearing on the walls, which will visually expand the premises.

In the meantime, we urge everyone who cares to support the activities of the B50 community with donations, part of which will go, in particular, to this children’s shelter (or the next one, we have big plans)))


Polina Koruts, the administrator of the Shelters project, talks about the appearance of the “mountain theme” in Kolosochok:

The room of this shelter is small, both in terms of area and ceiling height. So we wanted to make it at least a little more spacious.
We decided to depict mountains on the walls, to paint them in calm, pastel colors. Mountains always inspire, give a sense of freedom. You can always breathe fully there!

Next weekend we will continue the transformation of this shelter, so stay tuned!