5 libraries participating in the third stage of the P.AGE project have already received books from B50!

The P.AGE project continues, as part of which we provide modern, high-quality Ukrainian-language books to children’s libraries in schools and communities affected by the hostilities.

Currently, the first participants of the third stage of the project have received sets of 50 books, namely:

  • The library of the Ripky Lyceum (Chernihiv region),
  • The library of Shandryholove village (Donetsk region),
  • Khrystoforivka village library branch (Mykolaiv region),
  • The library of the Kozacha Lopan Lyceum (Kharkiv region),
  • The library of Bilopillia Gymnasium No. 5 (Sumy region).

The books for these libraries were purchased at a discount of 30-40% (!) of the market price thanks to our reliable publishing partners: АSSА, «BookChef», «Vivat», «Zhorzh», #книголав, «Monolith Bizz», «Osnova», «Ranok», Portal, «РМ», «Talant», «Chas Maistriv», «Chitarium».

Teenagers from the United States, who participated in an international fundraising campaign launched by B50, also helped us purchase literature.

American John Harthorne donated $1,000 to the B50 community, which was raised by his children Max (17) and Yulia (13) in their Lemons for Learning. project. The teenagers are active and have started a nonprofit project in the United States themselves. They sell lemonade and other products at children’s lemonade stands and do so for charity, including educational. They raise funds for children’s developmental and educational opportunities around the world.

The book sets, posters and documents from B50 were delivered to the libraries quickly and free of charge thanks to our reliable partner, Nova Poshta.

As part of the third, all-Ukrainian, stage of P.AGE, we plan to deliver 2,500 books to 50 libraries in the de-occupied and frontline regions in the south, east, and north of Ukraine. So now we are waiting for the first feedback from the libraries and continue to work!