Work is in full swing in Vorzel! 

Work continues on the arrangement of a bomb shelter in the school No. 10 (Vorzel).

The B50 community works in partnership with Adler Ukraine, which imports paints and varnishes. The Adler team did their part of the work: they installed ventilation, plugged holes with cement, painted the walls. They did it on their own and with their own materials.

Serhii Inak, the company’s marketer, tells about the participation of Adler Ukraine employees in the shelter project:

 “Our charitable activities were generally aimed at financial support of large funds, but we realized that over time, the team’s interest began to fade, because people were not personally involved. We began to look for options for what benefits we can bring to society. We stumbled upon the B50 on Facebook, saw a cool initiative, how you help to clear the rubble of houses, found past projects with painting children’s shelters, and we really liked it. At the initiative of the director of Adler Ukraine, Nadiia Rodionova, we began to cooperate.”

We thank our partners for their significant contribution to this project! This is the first such project of the Adler Ukraine company and we hope that it will not be the last one)))

Next, the B50 volunteers take over, who are already developing a creative concept for a shelter for children. So the most interesting thing is ahead, follow our news!


In the meantime, look at the photos and videos from the place of work)))