B50 in Vorzel: decorating a new shelter!

The administration of the Vorzelsky branch of the 1st level of Vorzelsky support establishment of general secondary education grades І-ІІІ No. 10, where the youngest children study (grades 1-4, 34 students in total) turned to volunteers.

The shelter at the school is small, the necessary communications are conducted there, there is electricity and even the Internet, but the exterior is depressing (if not terrifying). So the B50 happily took on the new challenge.

We are implementing this project in partnership with Adler Ukraine and have already divided responsibilities and stages among ourselves:

  • Adler Ukraine will be responsible for clearing, initial preparation and painting of the walls;
  • B50 will be responsible for the visual concept development and painting.

How the shelter looked before the start of work, see the photo below. And next week we will show you how work is in full swing at the facility and how the bomb shelter transformation is progressing!