The transformation of the bomb shelter at school No. 10 in Vorzel is over!

The B50 community has turned another gloomy hideout into a vibrant safe space for kids. Let’s talk about how the transformation happened.


The administration of the Vorzel school No.10, where the youngest children study (grades 1-4, 34 students in total) turned to volunteers. 

The shelter at the school is small in size, the necessary communications, electricity, and the Internet have already been installed there, but the facade was depressing and frightening. So the B50 happily took on the new challenge.

We worked on this project together with Adler Ukraine, which imports paints and varnishes. Our partners were responsible for preparing the premises for the transformation: they installed ventilation, plugged holes with cement, and painted the walls. They did it on their own and with their own materials.

Then the B50 volunteers took over the job, developed a creative concept for a shelter for children and did an excellent job with its implementation.

Direct participants of the project tell about their work on the project. 

Polina Koruts, B50 volunteer artist:

The girls and I made bright, but at the same time delicate drawings here. The children, though schoolchildren, are quite small. Therefore, we wanted to continue their childhood at school: they study upstairs, and here they can dive into their fantasies. 

Anna, B50 volunteer:

Anyone can paint a shelter, even if they are afraid! This activity is similar to coloring a coloring book: there are given contours, you need to paint over them.

Yuliia Horbasenko, coordinator of the B50 Shelters direction:

We do this so that the children who will come down here during missile attacks have more fun. So that they are not afraid of a dark basement. We decorated this shelter with our partners. The walls were prepared and painted by the Adler Ukraine team. And that’s why the B50 volunteers were comfortable enough to draw this time.

To see the transformation of the children’s bomb shelter, drag the slider with arrows.