Work is in full force in the Nova Hreblia Gymnasium bomb shelter!

We’re telling you how the transformation of the shelter in Nova Hreblia Gymnasium (Borodianka direction) is going.

Here, B50 volunteers are tasked with repairing and painting almost 100 square meters of shelter (!): three rooms for kindergarten children and one large room for primary school students.

At the moment, B50 activists are working in all the rooms in simultaneously, eliminating the problems step by step. The small rooms are almost finished: the walls and ceiling have been cleaned, covered with soil and painted, and in one of the rooms the wall has been additionally leveled with cement mortar, and non-functional pipes have been cut and welded. 

In the large room, the walls have been cleaned and covered with antifungal products. But there are still plenty of tasks to be done – from plastering to floor repair, so join in! Details are on the Join page.

Here are the photos of the work being done at the Nova Hreblia Gymnasium bomb shelter. We would also like to thank our sponsors, who purchased the building materials and paint for this facility, the Ukrainian office of TakeOff.