Three participants of the second stage of the P.AGE Project

We would like to tell you about three libraries that are participating in the regional stage of the B50 project to support children in the territories affected by the hostilities – P.AGE. They will receive sets of 50 educational Ukrainian-language publications on history, science, professions, growing up, money, patriotism, etc.

The library of the Boromlia Lyceum, Okhtyrka district, Sumy region

Before the full-scale invasion, this educational institution was a real pride of the community: newly renovated premises and a canteen; classrooms with modern interactive equipment; laptops for almost all teachers; and printers (including 3D). More than 350 children were educated here.

During almost a month of complete occupation of the village (and several weeks of the invaders’ residence in the lyceum), russians mercilessly destroyed almost all computer and multimedia equipment, furniture (most classrooms lost about 70% of their educational and material base!), stole a brand-new school bus, and mined the premises.

The shock wave from enemy air bombs smashed almost all the windows and doors. The majority of the school’s teaching staff remained in Boromlia during the occupation. Therefore, immediately after the village was liberated on March 26, 2022, the lyceum staff, together with concerned community members, began to clean up the consequences of the occupation, and in early April, they resumed classes (remotely).

Below, you can see what the enemy did to the Lyceum.

Library at the Kyselivka Lyceum in Mykolaiv region

Kyselivka School was built in the 80s of the nineteenth century (the exact date could not be established). At first, education was conducted in Polish. The school switched to Ukrainian in 1937.

Before russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 124 students attended the Lyceum.

During the occupation, the educational institution was an enemy base (with the corresponding devastating consequences: no windows and doors; some walls were completely destroyed; equipment was stolen). The library of the Lyceum had 7,109 books (exclusively in Ukrainian!). Of these, 2,479 were textbooks. Currently, 20% of the collection is missing.

According to the Lyceum director, local children are interested in reading. They are most interested in the works of modern writers.

The photo shows how the Lyceum looks after russians visit.

The library of Kholmy School in Koriukivka district, Chernihiv region

Compared to other participants of the second stage of the P.AGE, Kholmy School has no losses. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the russians passed through Kholmy. The settlement was actually under siege, but fortunately, it did not suffer the destruction and horrors of the occupation. Currently, the village is hosting IDPs and trying to live a normal life as much as possible in wartime.

The staff of the Kholmy School Library creates conditions for interesting activities and the development of local children. For example, they organize “Open Air Readings,” where children get acquainted with new books, socialize, and play outdoor games.

The school staff also actively replenishes the library collection, as local youth really love to read.

The library and its regular visitors are shown in the photos below.

As part of the second stage of the P.AGE project, the B50 community will donate sets of 50 high-quality modern Ukrainian-language books to each of the libraries described above. In this way, we will make the lives of local children more interesting and colorful, and give them a new boost to their development.

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