The second stage of the P.AGE is in the final stages!

A month and a half ago, we started raising funds for the regional stage of the P.AGE. And now we are already forming sets of high-quality modern Ukrainian-language books for libraries in Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Donetsk regions!

The sets include publications purchased from publishing houses Monolith-Bizz, Talant, Chitarium, Chas Maistriv, #knigolove, Vivat, BookChef, Zhorzh, Osnova, ASSA, PORTAL, RM, Ranok, Knyharnia Ye, and the Book Club Family Leisure Club.

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Some of the parcels were picked up by B50 volunteers themselves, some deliveries were paid for by publishers, and another 5 parcels were delivered thanks to the partner Nova Poshta.

In numbers, percentages, kilograms and UAH, the second stage of the P.AGEe looks like this:

  • for 5 libraries;
  • 250 books were purchased;
  • from 14 publishers and 1 bookstore;
  • with discounts ranging from 15% to 40% (!);
  • this is 145.72 kg of knowledge (total weight of parcels);
  • UAH 61 536.32 raised (1666,59 USD/1518.04 EUR).

Very soon children from the communities affected by the russian invasion will receive a portion of knowledge, joy and inspiration! And we will definitely tell you about it, so stay tuned!