New feedback from P.AGE participants

The third phase of our incredible P.AGE project, aimed at restoring the potential of children living in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine, is underway. As part of P.AGE, we provide school and community libraries with modern Ukrainian-language books that stimulate personal development, help them learn more interestingly, and choose their future profession.

The B50 community organized the delivery of the next sets of books on December 25, on the occasion of Christmas. The parcels arrived at the libraries on New Year’s Eve and became a wonderful gift for children from Marhanets Lyceum No. 9 (Dnipro region), Savynsi Lyceum (Kharkiv region), and Kiliia School No. 3 (Odesa region) 😊

We are grateful to our partner, Bundlex, for the opportunity to provide young Ukrainians with interesting modern books, which provided funds for the purchase of the necessary literature for these three libraries and previously sponsored the reconstruction and decoration of the children’s shelter in Nova Hreblia. According to a Bundlex representative, the company’s employees joined P.AGE because our project helps to spread Ukrainian literature and is useful for children’s education and development.

Library of Marhanets Lyceum No. 9 ( Dnipropetrovsk region)

Iryna Demianets, head of the school library, shares her impressions of the literature she received:

Thanks to the P.AGE project, we managed to replenish the library collection with 50 best Ukrainian-language books. All the books are very interesting! The most popular among our lyceum students are These Amazing Ukrainians, Ukrainians in the World: 33 True Stories, They Changed the World. Outstanding Women of Ukraine, and Cool History of Ukraine. From Dinosaurs Till Now.

The students and teaching staff of Lyceum No. 9 in Marhanets, Dnipro Oblast express their deep gratitude to all the people involved in the P.AGE project from the B50 volunteer community – the patriots of Ukraine!

We are grateful for the books and such active cooperation! We hope to take part in such a project again!

Library of the Kiliia Secondary School No. 3 (Odesa region)

Books from the B50 community have also found their place on the shelves of the library of the Kilia Secondary School No. 3. According to the library staff, students are happy to read new Ukrainian-language literature (which, unfortunately, is not available here). They believe that the following books will be especially popular. “The Boys’ Guide to Growing Up” by Phil Wilkinson, “Travelbook. Ukraine” and “What is not taught at school”.

Olena Oryshchak, history teacher:

Today, one of the key competencies of a future graduate is the development of interest in reading. It can only be developed through interesting, modern and relevant literature, which our school library was sorely lacking.

Modern children read modern books. They are visual children who perceive information through images, infographics, smells, and tactile contact. Only a high-quality, modern book can give a child all this.

Unfortunately, most of the time you have to take a child, bring them to the library and show them a book. That is why we are planning to create a section “The Book Speaks to You”, during which we plan to gradually tell children about each of the books we received.

Library of Savyntsi Lyceum (Kharkiv region)

We received the following feedback from the library of the Savyntsi Lyceum:

In the last days of 2023, the library of Savyntsi Lyceum was replenished with new copies of educational literature. Picking up the books, students will plunge into the world of history, chemistry, architecture, biology, or geography,or maybe someone will be interested in inventions or programming.

The choice of topics is very large, so everyone will find a book to their taste. Elementary school students will be interested in such publications as Important Important Philosophical Questions for 7-11 Years Old Children, Old Enough to Save the Planet, and Private Needs Explained to Kids. Let’s Talk It Out with Parents and Without. High school students will probably be interested in the books The Cartoon Guide to Biology, A Million-Dollar Dream. Go to the World of Money and Business, and How to Become somebody.

All the books sent by the B50 are informative and interesting. Thank you for adding to our library collection