P.AGE: previous achievements and future plans

P.AGE – is one of the youngest projects of the B50 community. It aims to provide school and community libraries with modern Ukrainian-language books that stimulate personal development, help make learning more interesting, and help children choose their future profession. In this way, we help to restore the potential of children living in the territories that have experienced occupation or suffered from hostilities.

The project consists of three stages: pilot, regional and national. Last year, we completed the first two stages and started the third. In total, we delivered sets of books to 16 libraries in Dnipropetrovs’k, Donetsk, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson and Chernihiv regions.

Each set consists of 50 books on science, development, history, leaders, money, art, professions, growing up, patriotism, etc. When creating the set, we tried to find the highest quality publications on the book market. We tried to find interesting literature for different age groups of children. At the same time, we tried to reflect different spheres and areas of personal, intellectual, and professional development, as well as the formation of children’s consciousness and national identity.

Today we can confidently say that we have managed to create a set of the highest quality and most interesting literature. After all, the feedback from the libraries participating in the project is positive, and the books from B50 have found their readers in different parts of the country. While we are preparing to work with new libraries (which we will tell you about very soon!), we share with you feedback from previous participants, as well as tell you more about the publications we have selected.

Why did we choose educational books rather than fiction?

There are many projects and government programs that help children’s libraries obtain fiction – fairy tales, novels, and adventure literature. It is important and useful to develop worldview, vocabulary, and imagination through fiction. But, according to our observations, many libraries lack quality educational literature, where curious children could find answers to questions they are interested in, learn something new about the world, and learn to think critically.

This is due to the fact that until recently, such literature was published in few editions or in russian. Now, publishers offer a wide range of high-quality books by Ukrainian and international authors aimed at the comprehensive development of children – interesting encyclopedias and thematic scientific publications written in a language that children understand. These books are complemented by bright, attractive drawings that help children absorb information.

Therefore, realizing that these novelties have not yet found their way to the shelves of children’s libraries, we decided that it was a great initiative to help children get books for comprehensive self-development. So 50 by B50 is a kind of mini-library for interesting learning, exploring oneself, others, the country, the planet and the universe, self-realization and leadership potential.

One of the tasks of B50 is to help communities affected by russian aggression: we are cleaning up the aftermath of the enemy invasion, helping to protect children by equipping and decorating bomb shelters, and with this project we are taking care of their future, their development, and helping to raise a new generation of Ukrainians – conscious, tolerant, and broad-minded.

That is why we have selected 50 books for children aged 6 to 17. Our priority is children’s libraries that have been affected by the invasion (occupied or damaged) and those that lack quality literature in Ukrainian.

What are these books?
About the history of Ukraine

We included books about the history of Ukraine in our set because every nation needs to know its roots and the past of its state in order not to repeat mistakes when building the future.

Inspiring biographies

Biographies are useful because they not only tell the story of the lives of prominent people, but also show the value of perseverance, the power of resilience, and the results of sticking to your principles.

Interesting guides

Guidebooks allow to quickly and easily find the information needed, so they will become indispensable helpers for children who want to know everything.

About psychology

These books help them better understand their own and other people’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Therefore, they are almost essential for teenagers on their way to maturity.

In simple language about science

These books explain the complexity of science in a simple way, making it interesting and encouraging children to study it.

On social literacy and responsibility

These books raise topical issues of our time, in particular, they teach us how to recognize fakes and understand the importance of preserving our planet.


These publications empower critical thinking and help prepare a generation of future innovators and inventors.

About growing up

These books reveal important secrets of growing up and give tips to help avoid conflicts and feel calm and confident.

About financial and political literacy

This literature will help to learn how to make responsible financial and political decisions.

On creativity and talent development

These publications will become a source of inspiration and self-belief for children.

On expanding your worldview and finding fulfillment

These books raise important philosophical questions and teach teenagers to think critically.

What do our participants say about our 50?

Library of Shandryholove village, Donetsk region

The library of the village of Shandryholove was destroyed in the spring of 2022, along with the school, kindergarten, club, and workshop… The 16 children who remained in the village are taught by Ukrainian language and literature teacher Oleksandr Pohorelov at his home. Here, at the teacher’s home, the librarian of the Shandryholivka village library branch, Oleksandra Voloshyna, conducts interesting lectures and lessons with the help of books from B50.

Thus, on January 22, 2024, on the occasion of the Day of Unity of Ukraine, a historical memorial “The Power of the People is in Unity” was held. During the event, the Anthem of Ukraine was performed. The librarian told the children about the events of January 22, 1919 and interesting facts related to this day. The students watched the video: “Ukraine is United” and recited poems about Ukraine. The books received as part of the P.AGE program were used at the event, namely: “Traveling Book. Independent” and “Traveling Book. Ukraine” by Iryna Taranenko and “Cool History of Ukraine” by Inna Kovalyshyna.

On April 19, on the occasion of the Environment Day and International Mother Earth Day, Oleksandra Voloshyna conducted a journey through the book I Can Save the Planet by Loll Kirby. Through this unusual journey, children learned how to get rid of garbage, protect animals, save trees, and reduce pollution. During the event, they shared their experience of preserving the environment, their dreams and wishes that they would like to realize to make nature and the planet clean.

Thanks to the P.AGE project, children from the village of Shandryholove not only received a set of new interesting books, but also met their peers from the United States, Max and Julia, P.AGE donors. To recap: Max and Julia sell lemonade and other products at children’s lemonade stands as part of their Lemons for Learningproject. This is how they raise funds for charity, including education. Last fall, Max and Yulia donated $1,000 to the B50 community, which we used to buy sets of books for three libraries, including the Shandryholove library.

As a thank you, the children from Shandryholove sent letters and drawings to Max and Julia. They responded in kind, and so the communication began. We are glad that we helped to establish such a connection.

Library of the Ripky Lyceum
(Chernihiv region)

The list of books is very well chosen. Children are most interested in books on history, geography, psychology, motivation and self-development, and encyclopedias. It’s clear that the project was done with all their hearts. Thanks to everyone involved.

Alla Revenok, librarian at the Ripky Lyceum
Library of the Kozacha Lopan Lyceum
(Kharkiv region)

Thanks to the B50 community, we received many books that really interested children. Among them are biographies of famous personalities, encyclopedias, books about professions and hobbies. The P.AGE project is useful and very relevant now, and we will recommend it to other institutions.

Tetiana Dudarieva, Lyceum director
Khrystoforivka village library
Bashtanka Public Library

All the books are very interesting and deal with current topics, and there are no books that cannot be recommended. Children like the publication “These Amazing Ukrainians” the most.

A very good project. Thank you for your assistance!

Svitlana Tyts, head of the village library
Library of the Kiliia Secondary School No. 3
(Odesa region)

We received modern Ukrainian-language books on art, professions, history, leadership, money, science, growing up, and patriotism. These books will help our readers to add to their knowledge, learn more interesting things, develop as individuals, and choose their future profession.

New to our library are publications written during the full-scale war and designed to help children more easily live through traumatic experiences, manage their emotions and discuss their concerns, or simply immerse themselves in stories and seek support in them.

From the Facebook page of the Kiliia school No. 3
Library of Bilopillia Gymnasium No. 5
(Sumy region)

I rate the set of 50 books provided by the B50 community a full 100%. It is very good educational literature, I would like to read all the books myself and recommend them to others. I would also like to receive fairy tales, interesting children’s stories to distract young readers from the war.

Your project is very important now, helping children and adults learn new and interesting information. We are very grateful for your work.

We wish you strength and inspiration for further work. We thank everyone who is involved in the P.AGE project.

Olena Seliuk, librarian

We are incredibly pleased with every response we receive, and we are glad that we can help children of war in this difficult time for them and for the country. We are now starting a new page of the project and will soon introduce you to the next P.AGE participants, stay tuned.