“Kozachok” project  has been started!

Фото об’єкта до початку робіт

“Kozachok”, before

Зібрано: 26 767,62 грн. з 40 000 грн


Витрачено: 26 767,62 грн. з 26 767,62 грн.


For us, this is an important project, the experience of which we will use in the future, from writing a target program and signing an agreement to signing an acceptance certificate and publishing a report on the results of our work. This is an important project for the kindergarten, because its implementation will give the institution an opportunity to start working. This is important for children, as it will be beautiful and interesting there! We ask all members of the B50 community and everyone who cares about our cause and who has the opportunity to support this project with funds and kind words.

So, about the project itself:

The management of the “Kozachok” children’s institution in Bucha turned to us for help with the decoration of the 200 square meter bomb shelter. After inspecting the place of work, we prepared a Specification of work and an Estimate with the costs that we need to pay for materials and tools (of course, we considered only what we need and what we can officially buy by bank transfer from our organization’s account specially created for the project).

We need to collect about UAH 40,000 to prepare the premises of the bomb shelter, which will enable the facility to start working. We are grateful to everyone who supports us, because your help is a part of the work we do!


Regarding the paint, there is a preliminary agreement with one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers that they will provide the paint, as well as people and equipment for professional painting. We are not changing the estimate yet; if everything turns out as we expect, we will spend the excess funds on additional comfort for children, on artistic decoration or on subsequent projects, because we consider this kindergarten as a pilot project, based on the experience of which we will implement similar tasks in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

Work process, 10.09.2022