The matter of logistics during volunteering is much easier to solve if you have your own transport fleet (even if it is small). B50 activists have seen this many times. Since we got our own wheels, it has become easier to organize visits to future assistance locations, get to the sites, transport building materials and tools (looots of tools), and deliver humanitarian supplies. By the way, you can help us with refueling volunteer vehicles by clicking the button below. Thank you in advance!


Introducing the B50 car fleet.

The B50 community received its first wheels – a red Opel Astra – this spring from friends from Lithuania. The car was registered under the preferential customs clearance procedure and immediately began to fulfill its mission of transporting volunteers to work in the settlements of Kyiv region. We are grateful to our friends from Lithuania for such a useful gift and for their support in general!

In the summer, the B50 fleet was replenished with a reliable 2004 Kia Pregio cargo and passenger bus, which has 6 seats for passengers and can carry 1200 kg of weight, equipped with a spacious luggage compartment. This vehicle is a great help in the transportation of construction materials, tools and volunteers! We got the vehicle thanks to Mr. Valentyn, the father of our active volunteer Yuliia. We are grateful to Mr. Valentyn for his contribution to the B50 community!