The Nova Hreblia Gymnasium bomb shelter is almost ready!

Volunteer artists from the Shelter project are working diligently in the shelter of the Nova Hrebelia Gymnasium and are already (hooray!) reaching the finish line.

We would like to remind you that B50 activists started working on this location back in the summer. First of all, we enlisted the support of the Ukrainian office of TakeOff, which purchased building materials and paint for this facility. Please join us in supporting the activities of the B50 community, it is much easier to do good deeds together!


After that, they started repairing the shelter, which consists of three small rooms used by kindergarten students and one large room where primary school students can wait out the air raid.

The small rooms are now completely finished, while the large one is still being painted – images of famous architectural landmarks of the world appear on the walls.

Polina Koruts, the administrator of the Shelter project, talks about the creative idea behind the decoration of the Nova Hrebelia gymnasium:

“The general concept of this bomb shelter is travel. In the previous small rooms, a fairy tale about traveling came to life on the walls. But for older children, it is more interesting to be in reality, so the theme is revealed in a different way here.
In the big room, we paint interesting tourist locations of Ukraine and the world on the walls. So while staying in the shelter during air raids, children will be able to form their dream of going somewhere. And by paying special attention to the tourist spots of Ukraine, we want to teach gymnasium students to find interesting things within our country.
Traveling, we develop spiritually, give impetus to our hidden capabilities, broaden our horizons, meet new people and other cultures. This is useful, so children will have the opportunity to travel from an early age without leaving their homes.”

A little more and the gray basement will turn into an improvised tourist guide, which we hope will inspire children to make new discoveries.

We show the creative process and its results below 😊