January 2023: let’s start the year right

In the new year, B50 volunteers continued to engage in their usual work – clearing debris. Yes, already on January 6 (despite the winter weather and the holiday)))) the most active boys and girls from B50 came to Moshchun! Later, many new volunteers joined us, so the work just flew by, because together we are a force!

In January 2023, B50 volunteers went to the Best Friends animal shelter twice – they continued to dismantle the old enclosures, brought gifts to the animals, and also walked and played with them)))

In the new year, B50 activists started building their own warehouse in Moshchun! This is a new, interesting and extremely useful experience for our community!

The B50 team started decorating a new bomb shelter in one of the schools in Kyiv. Soon, visitors to another educational institution will have a cozy shelter. Details – very soon)))

In January, the system of donations for B50 was improved – through our official website. It is very convenient and very easy! You can make sure of this by visiting the link: https://b50.com.ua/donate/#card


They also developed a single form for applications for help/partnership https://b50.com.ua/send_message/ And for people who do not have the opportunity to apply online, a single phone number (050) 654-32-30 has been established.

Also in January 2023, B50 volunteers delivered humanitarian aid to the residents of Moshchun, became the heroes of several journalistic stories and continued to work for the Victory)))