In March 2023, “B50 Reconstruction” activists cleared rubble in Moshchun and Irpin. It has become warmer outside, which means that there are more volunteers, so we managed a lot in a month. But we can do even more – thanks to you and your support (physical, moral and material)))


Also, a lot of time this month was devoted to the construction of our own warehouse in Moshchun. We brag about our progress and are glad that the grand opening of the warehouse is very soon))

In the first month of spring, B50 Shelter volunteers finished decorating the shelter for children at Vorzel School No. 10. 30 volunteers worked on the transformation of the shelter and came here every weekend for five weeks. Our partners, the Adler Ukraine company, prepared the premises for transformation with their own resources and materials, and B50 volunteers developed a creative concept for a shelter for children and did an excellent job of implementing it.

“B50 Care” volunteers organized help for the “tails”, namely: they visited the “Mongrel House” shelter in Kiev several times, handed over new beds (sewn by our activists) for cats, brought goodies, disinfectants, diapers, and other necessary things, and walked the dogs.

As part of the “B50 Growth” direction, the Kyiv Youth Library hosted a public speaking training for beginners. Under the caring guidance of Inna Sklyar – B50 volunteer, trainer, executive director of the Kyiv Agglomeration Association – they worked on the fear of public speaking, on the ability to present themselves, and then shared stories from life and laughed a lot.

We also want to talk about the reorganization in the B50. To implement certain projects for the restoration of communities affected by the russian invasion of Ukraine, and provide them with the necessary tools for development, as well as to attract grant funds, a new public organization, B50, headed by Ruslan Habdulov, appeared in the B50 structure. It was decided to allocate military aid and paramilitary training into a separate project – “B50 for the sake of Victory”, the development of which will be worked on by a team of former training and production coordinators – Oleksandr Kramarenko and Tetiana Maznyk.

Let’s also boast about the new B50 wheels)) Recently we received an unexpected and pleasant gift from our friends from Lithuania – not a new, but working Opel Astra. The car already has Ukrainian license plates and is on the balance sheet of our public organization, so it is ready to fulfill its mission – to transport volunteers to work in the settlements of Kyiv region and to serve as transport for organizational trips.

In March, the B50 community for the second time helped the residents of the house at 2 Lomonosova Street in the city of Irpin (damaged last spring during shelling) – at the request and at the expense of the Moravski choir, plasterboard was purchased for further restoration of the premises.

Such was March – B50 volunteers bravely broke into the warm season and are gaining momentum to restore the country. Join now!