B50 begins the transformation of the children’s shelter in Bohdanivka

B50 volunteers expand the geography of aid and go to Bohdanivka. In this village of Brovary district there is a shelter for children, which our community will repair (not capitally) and paint as part of the “B50 Shelters” direction.

The documents for the new project are prepared, the first work trip is planned, the shopping list (materials for repair and painting of the premises) is written. And before the work begins, the B50 community asks you to join a good cause, because your charitable contributions will help us create a cozy space for children!


We are talking about the shelter that we will transform.

Bohdanivka suffered greatly from the rashist occupation. Enemy tanks entered here at the beginning of March and stayed here for less than a month. The russians used the local school as a headquarters and hospital, and when they left they blew up the building.

Unfortunately, the premises of the lyceum, in which 450 children from Bohdanivka and neighboring Zalissia previously studied, cannot be restored, so the educational process in the village is organized differently for different levels. Middle and high school students travel by school bus to a nearby large village to school. And for elementary grades, the former cultural center was converted into a digital educational center, where children study in two shifts. Shelter was made in a neighboring residential building. The place is clean and quite well equipped. Requires only finishing touches.

The main tasks for B50 volunteers are the following:

  • repair two walls that leak + remove the cause of the leak, paint the repaired walls;
  • “rethink” the wooden paneling on one of the walls;
  • paint the walls with pictures that would appeal to children of different age groups.

Follow the news! We will regularly show you how the work on the new project is progressing, and we will also report where your donations are going!