The transformation of the shelter in Bohdanivka is in full swing!

Last weekend, volunteers from the “B50 Shelters” direction continued minor repairs to the shelter of the educational center, namely: they eliminated defects in the stormwater system. To do this, they made a chute and installed it at the entrance to the shelter. Two walls were also plastered and painted.

Building materials were purchased at the expense of B50 volunteers, as well as at the expense of your donations. Thank you all for supporting B50 and please don’t stop)))


In the meantime, B50 volunteer artists have begun decorating the shelter of the educational center in Bogdanivka with bright colors. They planned and marked out future drawings, some have already begun to paint. In general, the shelter will be decorated with fantasy graphic and graphic flowers)))

Polina Koruts, volunteer artist B50:

The design of this shelter was created taking into account different age categories of children, because there will be both junior and senior classes. We wanted to do something close to our hearts, so we chose the theme of flowers of Ukraine as a basis.