April 2023: let’s work and celebrate!

Let’s start the results of the month with the main thing – B50 community celebrated its first anniversary! On this occasion, we remembered how it all began:

  • how in the first weeks of the full-scale invasion, the founders of the community met under the walls of the territorial defense headquarters with a secret address of B50 (hence the name), and then united the reservists and their friends around the global goal of eliminating the consequences of the russian invasion;
  • how after the deoccupation of Kyiv Region they visited Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Vorzel, Borodianka, helped to clean the streets from the consequences of hostilities. The first trip took place on April 6, so on this day we celebrate the birthday of our community)))
  • how the organization grew over the year, determined the areas of activity most relevant for the reconstruction and development of the country, and diligently worked within these areas.

We ask you to join the activities of B50 – physically, informationally, materially!


The first anniversary of the organization was celebrated in the circle of the most active volunteers of B50))) They celebrated as they used to work – in a wonderful warm company, with delicious food, interesting games, endless jokes))) There was also something new – they handed out and received the first “B50 Oscars” (however, instead of a figure of a golden man – symbolic “silver” shovels))).

Volunteers of the “B50 Restoration” direction have traditionally helped in Moshchun – they dismantled several large locations, the owners of which could not have coped without our help.

In April, we completed the construction of our own warehouse in Moshchun! So now the B50 has a separate place to store volunteer equipment and tools. The area of the warehouse is 60 square meters. There are two separate entrances for two “owners”. One part of the premises belongs to our community (there will be wheelbarrows / rakes / buckets / everything else), the other remains for the needs of the owner, on whose site the warehouse is built.

B50 activists and their friends joined the construction. The decoration of the warehouse was done by volunteers from the “B50 Shelters” direction. There’s still some interior work to be done, but that didn’t stop the friendly B50 team from getting together to raise the flags over their first property in Moshchun and celebrate the occasion with a picnic. B50 activists, who directly erected the warehouse, collected donations for construction, as well as all willing members of the community joined the celebration.

In April, volunteers of the “B50 Shelters” direction began the transformation of the shelter of the educational center in Bohdanivka. First of all, repair work was carried out to solve the problem with the basement leaking. Currently, the repair is 95% completed. Meanwhile, the artistic decoration is in full swing (the style is fantasy geometry and floral graphics).

Activists of the “B50 Care” direction visited the “Dvorniashkam dom” shelter several times, brought humanitarian aid, donated by friends from Lithuania, and beds for cats, sewn by caring B50 volunteers, and also made several dogs happier by walking them.

The financial report for the 1st quarter of 2023 was published. It was in it that we showed where your donations go. Please note that since the B50 community includes a charitable foundation and a public organization, we report on two legal entities at once.

Also in April, we launched a new channel in Telegram, where you can find:

  • key news and community announcements without flooding;
  • operational information regarding the start / closing of registration for work trips;
  • detailed summaries of the week; publications about the activities of other B50 directions.

April 2023 was like that – full and festive! There is more work and more interesting things ahead, join us!