In May 2023, the volunteers of the B50 Reconstruction direction continued as usual to free Moshchun from the consequences of the enemy invasion. In the warmer months, more people sign up for work. This means we can now cover more locations and help more families. We also ask you not to be indifferent and to support the activities of B50 with a donation!


Volunteers of the B50 Shelters project have completed the decoration and artistic transformation of the bomb shelter of an educational centre in the village of Bohdanivka, Kyiv region.

The shelter’s transformation began with minor repairs. The main objective was to get rid of the leaks and stop them from happening. Once repaired, the shelter was decorated in the style of fantasy geometry and floral graphics. The walls of the shelter are now decorated with Ukrainian flowers: viburnum, periwinkle, spikelets, sunflowers, cockerels, cornflowers, daffodils, poppies, cotton, cherry blossoms and mallow.

In total, the transformation of the Bohdanivka shelter took 7 days. It involved 11 B50 volunteers and 3 local community members.

In May, B50 started a corporate volunteering season with Glovo. During the day, the staff of Glovo’s Ukrainian office joined our activists to help 65-year-old Lyubov Yevhenivna in Moshchun, whose son is currently on the front line defending Ukraine. The house was almost down to its foundations, volunteers demolished what was left of the walls, cut pipes, women loaded bricks into buckets and men carried them out.

May saw the launch of the first B50 photo exhibition “Stronger than Bricks”, organised by the B50 community with the support of the Kyiv City State Administration.

The aim of the exhibition is to inspire viewers with the resilience of active Kyiv citizens and motivate them to join the “volunteering of recovery”.

The project has been started at two locations in the capital:

  • the popular glass pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Volodymyrsky descent (May 27 till June 26);
  • VCENTRI HUB (Obolon) at the address: 22A Obolonsky avenue (May 28 till June 7).

Later, the media project will be available at the following locations:

  • VCENTRI HUB (Shevchenkivskyi) at 51B Volodymyrska street;
  • VCENTRI HUB (Holosiivskyi) at 8 Velyka Kytaiivska street.

The volunteers of B50 have already visited the photo exhibition and were full of pleasant emotions. Therefore, we invite everyone to the footbridge and VCENTRI HUB (Obolon) for positive feelings!

In May, the volunteers of the B50 Care direction helped the animals at the Dvorniashkam Dom shelter: they brought humanitarian aid (cardboard used as a “carpets” for the animals, old blankets, bed linen sewn by our caring “fairies”, nappies and toys) and walked the dogs.

This month, the B50 team improved the safety system for volunteer trips, because we care about everyone!

From now on, the safety system consists of three important steps:

  1. All B50 volunteers must read the safety rules and instructions. These documents are available on the website, on the “Join” page.
  2. Before volunteering, the coordinator will ask to sign the application. By signing volunteers confirm that they have read the safety rules and will do their best to follow them. One signature is valid for all further volunteer trips that season.
  3. Volunteers should read and refresh the rules and instructions from time to time.

May 2023 proved an interesting and busy month for the B50 community! The B50 volunteers have achieved a lot, maybe a bit tired, but not stopping and continuing to work for the recovery of the country!