Bomb shelter in Bohdanivka repaired!

B50 volunteers have finished repairing the bomb shelter in the education center of the village of Bohdanivka. The place is now decorated. Soon we will be able to present the students with their cozy shelter and share cool, colorful photos with you. Your donations help us speed up the process 😊.


Before the B50 volunteers arrived, three walls were leaking. So we carried out a lot of external work to get rid of the leak:

  • we improved the rainwater system,
  • dismantled the old and poured new concrete footing around the shelter,
  • reinforced the threshold with concrete slabs.

The walls were then cleaned, plastered, and painted. The old paneling was stripped, primed, and painted.

So, the renovation is complete, and the decoration is almost finished. Stay tuned – the most interesting news are yet to come!

P.S. The photos show a few spoilers of the future look of the shelter 😊