Transformation of the shelter in Bohdanіvka in details, numbers and pictures

Another cool project was implemented by volunteers of the Shelters project, whose activities are part of the global mission of our community: minimizing the impact of war factors and restoring de-occupied communities. As part of this project, we transform gloomy bomb shelters into a safe and comfortable space for visitors to educational institutions – we repair the shelters and paint the walls with bright pictures.

This time, B50 volunteers helped in the village of Bohdanivka, Brovary district, which was badly affected by the russian occupation, which lasted less than a month but was extremely brutal. In particular, russians blew up a Lyceum in which 450 children had previously studied. The premises can no longer be restored, so the educational process here is organized differently: middle and high school students study at a school in a nearby village, and for primary classes, the former cultural center has been converted into a digital educational center. Shelter for schoolchildren and club visitors was made in the basement of a residential building in the neighborhood.

The B50 volunteers started the transformation of the warehouse with a small repair. Its main purpose was to eliminate the root cause and consequences of room leaks.

For this:

  • the rainwater system in the building was improved;
  • dismantled the old and poured new foundations around the shelter;
  • threshold was strengthened with concrete slabs;
  • the walls were cleaned, plastered, and painted;
  • remove the varnish from the old lining, prime and paint it.

After the repair, we started the most interesting thing: artistic decoration. The shelter is designed in the style of fantasy geometry and floral graphics. The basis of the creative concept was the theme of flowers of Ukraine. Thus, on the walls of the shelter, viburnum, periwinkle, spikelets, sunflowers, cockerel flowers, cornflowers, daffodils, poppies, cotton, cherry blossoms, and mallows are harmoniously intertwined.

In total, the transformation of the shelter lasted seven days. It was attended by 11 B50 volunteers and 3 local helpers – residents of the community.


The total budget of the project is almost UAH 6,300. We report on where the specified amount was taken and what it was spent on:

  • Direct expenses from account B50 amounted to UAH 1,895.20. These funds were used to purchase bitumen-rubber mastic to waterproof the premises from leaks, Ceresit reinforced putty to repair damaged walls, White spirit solvent and alkyd enamel to paint the wall covered with old wooden paneling, and gloves for volunteers.
  • We also used our existing B50 reserves (worth over UAH 2,400). In particular, our stocks of cement and other building materials, acrylic paint for artistic decoration came in handy.
  • Some of the materials (sand, gravel, wall paint, etc.) with an estimated cost of UAH 2,000 were provided directly by the educational institution.
  • The cost of fuel to get to the location was covered by the volunteers on their own initiative.
  • Hand and power tools were used from the B50 warehouse and from community members. In particular, on one of the days, a concrete mixer was used at the location, which was organized by educators.

We show what a wonderful result was achieved with the cooperation of B50 volunteers, educators, and local residents. We are sure that children will be comfortable, interesting, and, most importantly, safe here! By the way, the teachers say that currently the students like the updated shelter, and they go here as if on an excursion😊

To see the transformation of children’s bomb shelters, drag the slider with the arrows.