Update on the transformation of the Zavorychi Gymnasium bomb shelter

In December 2023, B50 volunteers began transforming the bomb shelter of Zavoritsky Gymnasium. The room will serve as a shelter for the school’s staff and 185 students. Earlier, during the occupation of the village in March 2022, it saved many local residents from devastating enemy shelling.

The shelter is clean, dry, and consists of many rooms and passageways. When transforming the shelter, B50 volunteers focused on two small rooms for preschoolers and two large rooms for primary school students. Activists from the Reconstruction project were the first to start working at the location, gradually handing over the renovated rooms to their colleagues from the Shelters (thus, the work was carried out in parallel).

The shelter is large, so its transformation took place in several stages (which you can read about here and here). Now the work is almost complete, so this is the last update on Zavorychi.

In our previous update from February, we told you that the Reconstruction volunteers had completed the main repairs in the children’s rooms and started working on the technical areas, and the volunteers from the Shelters had painted 2 large murals, Ocean and Desert, in the rooms for junior school students.

In the video, we show where the B50 volunteers finished in February.

In March, volunteers from Reconstruction were working hard in the shelter of the Zavorychi Gymnasium: they cleaned, primed and painted the walls and ceiling in the hallway and bathrooms; dismantled the foundation in the entrance hall, painted the ceiling and prepared the walls for painting; performed electrical work on the ventilation system; decorated a large part of the communications; prepared the door panel and frame for installation; made and installed a metal frame for the pit; partially painted the walls in the room with the pit; and began painting the furniture.

Currently, the Reconstruction volunteers have the following tasks:

  • to finish painting the walls in the technical rooms;
  • to level the floor, make a concrete screed in the technical room;
  • to install a door in the place where it was not installed;
  • to arrange the entrance area to the shelter;
  • to decorate technical communications;
  • to paint and repair furniture;
  • to install information stands;
  • to replace lamps in the rooms.

During this time, the volunteers from Shelters decorated two rooms for preschoolers – “Forest” and “Jungle”. It was a lot of work, as the drawings are placed on all the walls around the perimeter. But the B50 artists quickly coped, in particular with the help of a projector.

Polina Koruts, the coordinator of the artwork, tells about what the volunteers from the Shelters did at the Zavoriychi Gymnasium:

In the shelter in Zavorychi, we did the majority of the work. There are 2 murals and rooms “Forest” and “Jungle”. There is only a little bit left to do so that the children can fully enjoy the colored walls.) We need to add some details and contours to the finished drawings. We also want to combine the drawings into a more coherent composition with the help of various elements. And that’s it – the shelter is ready)))

The shelter of Zavorychi Gymnasium is almost complete and almost unrecognizable! Very soon the B50 volunteers will finish the renovation of this facility and will show off the results, so stay tuned!