The Regional stage of the P.AGE has been completed!

We have done it – we have formed and sent sets of 50 modern educational Ukrainian-language books to 5 libraries in Sumy, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Donetsk and Kharkiv regions! Thus, the second (Regional) stage of the P.AGE has been actually implemented!

But the project does not end there, as there is a third (National) stage ahead, in which the B50 Community will deliver 2,500 books to 50 libraries in the south, north, and east of Ukraine. So, join the P.AGE by donating for books.


Let us remind you which libraries took part in the second stage of the project:

  • Boromlia Lyceum, Okhtyrka district, Sumy region. We decided to help this institution because we were impressed by its history – the whole Boromlia was under russian occupation for a month. Moreover, the enemies lived in the lyceum for several weeks, destroying the building, furniture, computer and multimedia equipment, library collection, and stole a new school bus.
  • Kyselivka Lyceum in Mykolaiv region. During the occupation, this educational institution also served as an enemy base and was heavily damaged and looted, with only 20% of the library collection remaining.
  • Kholmy School in Koriukivka district, Chernihiv region. Fortunately, this school was not destroyed, as the enemy passed by Kholmy at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. This institution became a participant of the second stage of the P.AGE because local children love to read, and the library staff creates conditions for interesting leisure and development of local children and constantly replenishes the library fund, in particular through volunteer organizations.
  • School No.10 of the Myrnohrad, Donetsk region. We chose this institution for the second stage of the P.AGE because of the quality of the library collection: there is a lack of modern fiction for children of all ages and specialized literature in Ukrainian, and almost half of all available books are in russian!
  • Krasnokutsk Lyceum #2, Kharkiv region. Was also included in the regional stage of the P.AGE due to the poor quality of the books available: the collection is outdated and worn out, and a significant number of publications are in russian.

As you can see, 50 books from B50 will qualitatively complement each of these libraries, help local children to get to know the world and themselves better, make their lives more interesting, and contribute to the Ukrainianization of young people!

We thank everyone involved, especially our donors and partners. In particular, to Nova Poshta, which delivers book sets to libraries and documents signed by libraries to the B50 Community free of charge.

We are glad that we were able to implement such an interesting and necessary project, and we are looking forward to feedback from schools and students. We are also preparing to launch a fundraising campaign to provide 50 libraries participating in the National stage with cool educational literature. So join in!

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