The second month of summer for the B50 community was very busy with working trips, interesting projects, cool initiatives, gifts, and innovations. But first things first. To begin with, we urge you to support B50’s activities with donations that will help us more effectively help people overcome the consequences of the russian invasion.


Volunteers of the B50 Restoration program have traditionally cleaned up the aftermath of the fighting in Moshchun and helped the Hurtum Foundation, a partner organization, restore the library in Horenka.

Volunteers of the B50 Care program within the Shelters project have completed the renovation of the shelter in Hornostaipil and started repairing and decorating the shelter in Nova Hreblia! Read more about these objects in the news on our official website, and here we will share photos of the work process and the results )))

The activists of B50 Care took care of animals from the Kyiv shelter “Dvorniashkam Dom”: they organized deliveries of cardboard, took gifts (food, hygiene products, beds, toys, clothes), and walked the dogs.

Our caring volunteers also launched the Fluffy Sunday Project. From now on, every first Sunday of the month, we will organize help for shelters and animals:

  • physical (cleaning, repair);
  • humanitarian ( delivering gifts and things needed by the pets);
  • emotional (scratching, walking).

We will provide assistance to various shelters that need it.

Volunteers from B50 Growing also managed to do a lot within theP.AGE! In July, we were actively engaged in the second phase of the project: thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, we raised the necessary funds, received support from publishers and Nova Poshta, and have already begun to buy books. Very soon, 5 sets of 50 modern Ukrainian-language developmental books will go to the libraries of Boromlia Lyceum (Sumy region), Kyselivka Lyceum (Mykolaiv region), Kholmy School (Chernihiv region), Myrnohrad School #10 (Donetsk region), and Krasnokutsk Lyceum #2 (Kharkiv region).

In July, the photo exhibition “Stronger than bricks” continued its journey across Ukraine! This month, residents of Kyiv, Ternopil, Lviv, Kremenchuk, and Vinnytsia had the opportunity to get acquainted with activism and recovery volunteers. And this is not the end! Perhaps your city will be the next to see the photos of B50 volunteers)))

In July, the Community received a special-purpose donation for the purchase of a van, so now our modest (for now))))) fleet has been replenished with a 2004 Kia Pregio cargo and passenger van that has 6 seats and can carry 1,200 kg of weight, and is equipped with a spacious luggage compartment. The vehicle is already on the balance of B50 and even managed to work in Moshchun.

In July, B50 launched Buy Me a Coffee! This created another opportunity to support B50: buy a virtual coffee for $2 or support our projects for $5 to $350, depending on the purpose.

Donate via Buy Me a Coffee

In our profile on Buy Me a Coffee, you can choose the project you want to support. Among them: equipping 1 volunteer for a month; buying 1 book for a library; painting 1 wall in a children’s bomb shelter; sponsoring 1 team to clean up the destruction; buying a set of 50 modern Ukrainian-language books for 1 school, etc.

A lot of interesting things happened on the official B50 website:

  • the financial report for the second quarter of 2023 was published in the Documents page;
  • the updated Join page has been launched;
  • in the About us section, we have added the Our achievements block.

Another great news is that B50 has its own merchandise! The launch line includes B50 branded merch:

  • “I’M VOLUNTEER B50” and «#BASHYM ЗА СПАСИБІ (“working a## off for thanks”) T-shirts;
  • B50 cap;;
  • shopper “I’M VOLUNTEER B50”.

Do you want to support our community while getting stylish outfit? Contact us for details on Telegram @merch_B50.

This month, B50 volunteers received 2 Certificates of Appreciation for their contribution to the restoration of Kyiv and Kyiv region, for their persistence and steadfastness: from the Hostomel Village Council and the management of the Outpatient Clinic #7 in Desnianskyi district of Kyiv.

As you can see, July was hot in every sense of the word. But there is more to come, so let’s keep going!