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Oleksandr Kramarenko 

The man who started the B50 Volunteer community. A man who always has a plan for everything. Today, in the #B50 heroes section, we tell you about Oleksandr Kramarenko, the leader of the training department and organizer of the first rubble removal in the de-occupied cities of Kyiv region. Sasha believes that every second that Ukrainians do useful things brings victory closer by 2 seconds!

September 2022: winter is coming

The onset of autumn and the rapid approach of winter this month were felt by everyone – both the residents of the Kiev region and the B50 volunteers. The former increasingly asked for help, the latter more actively provided it.…

Denys Herasymov

Shall we introduce you to the CF "B50 VOLUNTEERS" director, Denys Herasymov? Because this modest guy in a green panama hat (or green cap), although he loves the role of an ordinary volunteer and working with his hands, knows how to take initiative in time and dream big for the bus. By his example, he shows that even "dirty work" on manhole covers in Borodianka can be fun.

August 2022: not slowing down

In August, the B50 volunteers did their best – stubbornly helped the residents of the Kyiv region clean up the consequences of the “russian world” and prepare for winter. Most of all visited already native for us Moshchun))) We spent…

July 2022: work in full swing

July 2022 was very rich in events and gifts, and also pleased with the number of new volunteers and the amount of work done))) This month, a new stage of the program to eliminate the consequences of the occupation started…